Happiness Month
I've decided to make December Happiness Month for my blogs, spotlighting not only worthy rarities but also artists and works that make me happy, including a few of my favorite things in the world. I'm kicking off the month with a long-standing happiness supplier in my CD library, Patricia Goodson's Strange Attractors.

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"Top notch"
But what impressed me most was the Piano Concerto, being sublimely performed by Patricia Goodson. A very concentrated work, filled to bursting with so many ideas, that the outcome is truly magical. There are semblances of Light and Shade, a commanding strength, and also a inner purpose. Goodson communicates a genuine affection for the piece culminating in a particularly exciting performance. It has a class on it's own, is superbly balanced, and exquisitely articulated. I truly felt connected with this work, so melodical and with a warm tonal colour, full and sweet. It's a huge cascading of delicious notes with a magical intensity. Fine droplets of sound.
And that goes also for the Sixteen Variations on an old Scottish Song. There is a inner strength in the performance and music, that keeps you close to the context of the music.
The recording and performance are top notch.
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